Getting a Timeless Engagement Ring Designed by You

Jeweler making a custom ring 

“I love that ring, but…”

Have you ever had a similar thought about a piece of jewelry in the past? Maybe you were in love with a certain engagement ring design, except for one certain element of the ring you wish you could tweak. Perhaps you wanted the ring to be cast in a different metal. Maybe you wanted to use different gemstones, trading standard diamonds for something truly unique. It could be that you wish you could make a tweak to the way the ring is sculpted.

In almost every instance, it’s impossible to make these kinds of custom ring design modifications at a standard jewelry store. Typically, what you see in the jewelry case or what you find in their catalog is what you get. Perhaps you could create a custom ring from scratch, but the process is both cumbersome and cost-prohibitive for most couples. So how can you find a timeless engagement ring that is designed by you?

Citrus Studio Has the Solution

Here at Citrus Studio, we understand your frustration. If you can customize a pair of Nike shoes, or you can select custom packages to modify a new car, why can’t you make modifications to an engagement ring? That’s exactly why we’ve worked so hard to modernize the custom jewelry process, making it easier than ever before to create a custom piece of jewelry in a method that’s both simple and affordable.

We have an amazing team of designers who are certified by Jewelers of America, a trade association that holds its members to the highest standards. They’re not just jewelers, they’re artisans who are passionate about their craft. By using state of the art Computer Assisted Design software, they can quickly and easily modify any stock ring… or create a custom masterpiece entirely from scratch. It’s up to you!

Custom Design at Affordable Prices

Woman holding an engagement ring

If you’re looking to customize your own timeless engagement ring, you can make any number of modifications, including, but not limited to:

  • Selecting your own metal: Rings can be cast in either 10k, 14k, or 18k gold. Color choices include yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. Platinum is also an available option.
  • Selecting your gemstone: Our engagement rings can be customized to utilize naturally-mined diamonds, lab-created Citrus Fresh Diamonds, moissanite, or colored gemstones. We can even use small lab-created diamonds as accent stones on your ring, an option not typically available from other jewelers.
  • Selecting your gemstone shape: Do you have a deep desire for a princess cut diamond as your center stone? What about an opulent oval cut? We can accommodate any number of gemstone cuts in our rings with a few simple modifications.
  • Making design changes: We have no problem making design changes to our timeless engagement rings, and we can do this type of custom work at a fraction of the price of a traditional jewelry store. 
  • Making budget changes: Do you love a certain style of ring, but it’s beyond your budget? Contact us so we can give you customized options that are in your price range.

At Citrus Studio, we want to make your bridal jewelry dreams come true. We have the knowledge, experience, and cachet to make your custom jewelry dreams a reality… all at an affordable price. Learn more about the custom ring design experience by contacting us today.