Our Ring Collections

At Citrus Studio, we specialize in creating the unique, designer jewelry that you’ve been dreaming of. We carry an extensive selection of both natural and lab-created (man-made) diamond rings that fit every taste and budget. Whether you choose from one of our collections or you’d prefer to create custom jewelry in our online design studio, Citrus Studio can help you find exactly what you’re looking for!

Fresh Diamonds

Our fresh diamond is a lab-grown diamond. Although these diamonds were grown in a lab, they share the exact same chemical and physical properties as a naturally mined diamond. The differences between natural and lab-grown diamonds all come down to how they're made and how rare they are. These man-made diamond rings are all conflict-free and are an excellent value.

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Diamond Rings

A diamond is a rare, naturally occurring mineral composed of carbon. The quality of a diamond is primarily determined by four factors: color, cut, clarity, and carat weight. Of course, there’s no scientific method or scale to explain how absolutely stunning these gemstones are! Their glittering and resplendent nature make them without equal.

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