Lab-Grown Diamond Rings

What Are Fresh Diamonds?

Citrus Studio is proud to offer lab-made diamond engagement rings using Fresh Diamonds. These man-made diamonds are physically, chemically, and optically identical to naturally mined diamonds. The difference? Fresh Diamonds are created in a laboratory while natural diamonds are plucked from the ground. Fresh Diamonds aren’t diamond simulants...they are diamonds (and beautiful ones too!).

Why Choose Fresh Diamonds?

What makes Citrus Studio’s Fresh Diamonds so appealing?

  • Fresh Diamonds are conflict-free. Because our diamonds are man-made, you can be confident that your diamonds are ethically sourced and 100% conflict-free.
  • Fresh Diamonds are a phenomenal value. Since Fresh Diamonds are created in a lab, they cost significantly less than a natural diamond.
  • Fresh Diamonds look amazing. Fresh Diamonds have the same sparkle, scintillation, and shine as natural diamonds. It’ll be love at first sight!

Why Choose Citrus Studio?

Citrus Studio is your custom jewelry expert. Not only do we specialize in creating breathtaking custom pieces, but we also can personalize almost any of our stock pieces as well. Looking for a ring resize? Want to swap out a diamond for moissanite? Wondering what a ring would look like with colored gemstones? We can help!

At Citrus Studio, we work with several artisans who have their Jewelers of America certification, and they leverage their creativity and expertise to create true works of art. They specialize in being meticulous down to the smallest detail. For instance, our experts can utilize smaller Fresh Diamonds as accents to your lab-made diamond engagement ring. Other companies? They typically don’t go to the trouble. It’s just one of many examples of what sets Citrus Studio apart from ordinary jewelry companies.

Still have questions about our man-made diamonds? Contact our team today, and we’ll be glad to help you choose (or create) the perfect ring with Fresh Diamonds.