Citrus Studio is well-known as purveyors of stunning engagement rings, but our creators have been busy working on a new and exciting line of jewelry: necklaces and pendants! We’re proud to unveil a collection of unique gold and silver necklaces. With so many spellbinding pieces to choose from, you’re sure to find a necklace that will perfectly represent your individual sense of style.

Pendants Featuring the Finest Gemstones

Our artists have created an assortment of necklaces that run the gamut from small round pendant necklaces to larger statement pieces. Each piece is beautiful on its own but is also customizable to match your own tastes. You can even tweak one of our stock pieces to perfectly match a specific outfit! Some of your options include:

  • Choice of gemstones: Necklaces can be customized using dazzling white gemstones such as natural diamonds, Fresh Diamonds, or even moissanite. Colored gemstones are a phenomenal choice as well (and make thoughtful birthstone gifts too).
  • Choice of metal: Whether you’re looking for a unique silver necklace or a gold pendant, we have the metals you’re looking for to match your preferred color palette and budget.

Choose Citrus Studio To Create Your Necklace

At Citrus Studio, we specialize in offering high-quality, customized pieces of jewelry at outstanding prices. Our artisans have the experience and eye for design that allow them to create necklaces that are true works of art. We’re proud members of the MJSA, and many of our creators have JA certification, which means we hold ourselves to the highest standards. The bottom line? When you purchase jewelry from Citrus Studio, you’ll receive heirloom quality jewelry at affordable prices.

Have questions about our necklaces and pendants? Contact us today! Our team of experts will be glad to help answer your questions.