Engagement Rings - Diamond, Lab-Grown, & Moissanite

Discover the Ring of Your Dreams. Our engagement ring collections feature gorgeous rings made with high-quality yellow, rose, and white gold. Choose from designs that are classic and vintage-inspired, or opt for modern and timeless styles. Browse our rings and become inspired, or design a custom ring that captures every element you want. Using advanced CAD software, we can bring what you envision to life!


If man-made engagement rings aren’t what you’re looking for, then our GIA-certified natural diamond rings are for you. Every diamond we acquire has a high grade in cut, color, and clarity, which makes for a truly stunning center stone. Formed under the earth’s crust over millions of years, these natural diamonds are a rare beauty.

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Lab-Grown Diamond

Our Citrus Fresh Diamond engagement rings feature lab-grown diamonds that are conflict-free. They are compositionally the same as natural diamonds, but are formed in a lab instead of within the earth. Each Citrus Fresh Diamond is also graded for quality with a GIA certification. Lab-grown diamonds are an excellent option at a more affordable price.

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Moissanite is every bit as beautiful and stunning in engagement rings as lab-grown and natural diamonds. For many years, moissanite has been the leader in diamond alternatives. Moissanite is made from hard silicon carbide and has an eye-catching quality she’ll love. Get the brilliance you’re looking for at an affordable price.

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