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Custom Jewelry Without Compromise

Citrus Studio is a different kind of jewelry company.

We know there’s a unique story behind every piece of jewelry and take it personally to help you create the jewelry that is as unique as you are. We do this by working with you throughout the entire design process from start to finish.

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Our Centerstones

Looking for conflict-free or lab-grown diamond rings? We’ve got them! Our exclusive “Fresh Diamond” is an above-ground diamond (Lab grown) with top of the chart ratings in brilliance and fire.

Most of our rings include a Moissanite option. Moissanite is known for its unparalleled brilliance and is a cost-effective diamond alternative.

The Citrus Studio Collection

Our custom collection designed by our master jeweler and goldsmith. Save more by shopping premade custom rings from the Citrus Studio collection. or use any ring as a base for your uniquely custom masterpiece!

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