Beginner's Guide to Engagement Ring Styles & Settings

Close up of an engagement ring setting

Congratulations! You’ve found the love of your life and now it’s time to ask the question of a lifetime. For some, ring shopping may feel like an overwhelming task. But we get it! Our team is here to support you and walk you through an easy-peasy beginner’s guide to different types of engagement ring settings and popular ring styles. Without further ado, let’s get into it.

Setting vs. Style

Before we fully begin, let’s quickly look at the difference between ring settings vs. ring styles. While sometimes used interchangeably, the setting and style of a ring are two different things.

The ring setting refers to the prongs that actually hold and secure the stone in place. Typically, most rings are designed with four or six prongs. The base of the prong is notched on the inside and the prong tip pushes over the top girdle edge to secure the stone. The ring style is based on the actual design or shape of the ring.

Popular Engagement Ring Settings

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular types of engagement ring settings that will suit any bride:

Rounded prong ring setting

  • Rounded - The most popular prong setting is the rounded prong. It’s a classic! Securing a beautiful round center stone, the prongs effortlessly extend just above the girdle of the diamond. This prong setting is perfect for those who prefer a minimally invasive look. While still offering a sturdy grip, you can barely see these prongs when viewing a ring from above.
  • Pointed- The pointed prong, sometimes called the “claw” prong, features a sleek and stylish design. While extending longer than a rounded prong, the pointed prong covers less of the outline of the center stone. It effortlessly secures your stone and accentuates its beauty.
  • Flat tab - Flat tab prongs are typically used to secure square or rectangular cut stones. Offering a unique look, flat tab prongs are perfect for making a statement. They provide superior security and durability, as well, so this type of engagement ring setting style will ensure your ring stays in tip-top shape no matter how much you wear it.

Popular Ring Styles

Now that you know a bit more about ring settings, let’s take a quick look at popular ring styles:

popular ring style halo engagement ring

  • Solitaire- This ring style is classic and easily paired with most wedding bands.
  • Three Stone - To some, three stone engagement rings represent the past, present, and everlasting future of their relationship.
  • Cluster - Cluster rings are delicately crafted with multiple smaller stones instead of one large center stone, offering brides an eccentric look.
  • Halo - A popular classic style! It usually features one center stone surrounded by sparkling pave diamonds.

Customize It!

Still not sure which engagement ring setting or popular ring style is the best for the love of your life? Customize a ring for your bride-to-be to ensure you make a perfect choice. With JA-certified jewelers on staff, we’ll be sure to make your dreams come true. Contact us to learn more about our customization process today!