Popular Ring Trends

Popular Ring Trends

A popular trend that we are excited about here at Citrus Studio is stackable engagement rings. We love the freedom that stackable bands give brides. Stackable bands give you the option to mix and match and give a different look to your diamond ring. Adding bands of different sizes, shapes, and colors can give a whole new look to your ring stack. Stackable bands can also be worn on their own for a more subtle look. 

Citrus Studio has the ability to customize stackable rings for your future or current wedding stack. If you already have an engagement ring that you love we can create a custom stack that will make you fall in love with your ring all over again. Stackable bands are compatible with many shapes of diamonds. Stacks with round and oval-shaped diamonds have been catching our eye lately, but customized bands can work with a variety of diamond rings. 

Depending on what you are looking for you can add several stackable rings to your current diamond. These rings can be a variety of different shapes - each individually framing your diamond. We have been seeing a lot of curved, triangular, and straight bands. The shape of your primary engagement ring largely influences the shape of a stackable ring that would look best. These stacks give the option to mix and match and get a different look depending on the day or occasion. Stackable bands also make a perfect present for memorable events such as anniversaries.

Build your stack overtime to give yourself more options and variety. We love the look of stackable bands and are so excited to see more of this trend. The flexibility and uniqueness that each band can give to a stack is something fun and exciting. Contact us Citrus Studio for a consultation on stackable ring ideas.

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