Happy Anniversary, Darling: One-of-a-Kind Anniversary Jewelry Gifts

anniversary card and roses

When you’re looking for a truly unique anniversary gift, jewelry may not be at the top of your list. After all, jewelry is sometimes considered a gift that’s too cliche or expected to be meaningful. Yet we believe that a piece of custom jewelry that can tell your love story is actually one of the most thoughtful gifts you can give!

While you may agree with the idea that custom anniversary rings make for a great gift, maybe you’re hesitant to create your own unique piece. At Citrus Studio, we often hear the reasons why customers don’t want to create custom jewelry for someone they love:

  • “I’d love to create a custom piece, but it’s too expensive.”
  • “I’m not creative enough to help make a piece of custom jewelry.”

We understand where you’re coming from, so we’ve put together a shortlist to help you see that custom jewelry is both accessible and affordable, no matter your creative abilities or budget. Here are several ways that you can give a truly one-of-a-kind jewelry gift for your upcoming anniversary.

Choose from Our Custom Portfolio

Citrus Studio is different from most other jewelry retailers in the way we craft our jewelry. Each piece we create is made-to-order after you purchase it, ensuring that you have a ring that was made exclusively for her. We understand that this isn’t custom jewelry, per se. However, it does mean that when you shop from our portfolio of exclusive designs, you’ll always get a ring that’s unique to Citrus Studio and fashioned just for you. So if you’re looking for unique anniversary bands without commissioning a fully custom gift, this may be the preferred route for you.

Customize an Existing Ring

One of the distinct facets of Citrus Studio’s design process is that we can make changes to any of our existing pieces. Do you want to customize one of our rings with gemstones to match your partner’s birthstone? We can do that! Do you want to tweak one of our existing designs to match her current engagement ring or wedding band? That’s not a problem, either! At Citrus Studio, it’s easy—and affordable—to create custom anniversary rings by making changes to one of our current designs. Try that at your typical mall jewelry store!

Woman wearing a diamond ring

Commission Your Own Custom Piece

If you’re looking for something completely and thoroughly unique, our design team can help you create a custom ring from scratch. Our certified artisans will work within your budget to fashion a unique anniversary band that will absolutely take her breath away. All you have to do is give us your ideas, and our designers will take it from there using their state-of-the-art CAD software. You don’t need a single artistic bone in your body to commission an anniversary jewelry gift that's a true work of art!

Shop Today at Citrus Studio

Our customer service team is standing by, and they’re ready to help you design the anniversary jewelry gift of her dreams. Contact us today so we can help!