Custom Jewelry - Is It Worth It?

Few would deny that custom jewelry pieces are both elegant and one-of-a-kind. Typically, there’s also another word to describe these unique pieces: expensive! After all, custom pieces are designed from scratch and typically use the costliest materials. Because of this, the thought of custom jewelry is out of reach for a great number of people. In the end, most people feel that the process and price of custom jewelry simply isn’t worth the trouble.

At Citrus Studio, we feel differently about custom jewelry. We think that the exclusive nature of custom pieces should be accessible to everyone, no matter their budget. That’s why we have a unique program to help you design your own jewelry, all while keeping the cost of custom jewelry in check.

Designs Start With Dreams

Every custom piece starts with a single idea that’s deep within the mind of a potential customer. This is the part of the custom process that is often most intimidating to customers. They often feel that they’ll never be able to convey their dream ring, necklace, or other piece of jewelry to a designer. So because of this, they never get the process started in the first place.

At Citrus Studio, we endeavour to make the process of designing your own jewelry as simple as possible. We do this several different ways.

  • We start with a team of certified experts. Our design team has jewelers who are certified by Jewelers of America. You can be assured you’re working with some of the best artisans in the industry.
  • We help “draw out” your idea. Whatever piece you’re looking to create, we ask you the right questions to bring your idea to life. Submit photos, sketches, or any other ideas. We’ll take over from there!
  • We use advanced CAD software. Our computer-aided design programs allow us to create your piece down to the smallest detail. Then we collaborate with you until we get the final design down to perfection.

In the end, we take the complicated parts out of custom design, making the process where you design your own ring something fun and enjoyable!

Taming the Cost of Custom Jewelry

couple holding engagement ring

The other oft-received complaint about custom jewelry is that it can be exorbitantly priced. The design process, coupled with the extreme markup that most brick-and-mortar jewelry stores apply to their custom pieces, ends up making the entire process cost-prohibitive for many.

Citrus Studio works differently. We will work within your desired price point, using a variety of materials at our disposal to create your dream ring, all without cutting corners or design features. The final product will be the design you crave at the price point that fits your budget.

Designing Your Own Ring — Is It Worth It?

This leaves us with our original question: is it worth designing your own custom jewelry? We believe that the answer is a resounding yes when you work with Citrus Studio. But there’s only one way to be sure: commission your own custom piece today! Contact our design team to get the process rolling.