Quick Guide to Finding the Perfect Ring

Quick Guide to Finding the Perfect Ring

Looking for the perfect ring can be difficult. There are a lot of variables one needs to consider when looking for a ring. The number one issue I believe young couples need to be aware of is the price. How much can you get for the budget you set for yourselves? The setting of the ring has its price and then you add the center stone to that and that equals the cost of your ring.

We suggest you choose the center stone first. Then proceed to choose the setting of the ring. There are different stones you can use for the center stone. (for more info. Check out our blog about different gems) 

In this article, we will specifically focus on a diamond center stone. 

When choosing a diamond there are the four “C” you need to take into consideration; Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat. All these together determine the price of the diamond. 

Color- determines the value of the diamond.

Clarity - is measured by the existence of or absence of visible flaws; what you can see in the diamond.

Cut- is how much sparkle the diamond has.

Carat - refers to the weight of the diamond. 

When putting a diamond into a setting it’s good to remember that they’re measured in millimeters. Below shows what the diamond and Carat size may look like on a hand.  

The following chart shows the average cost per Carat of the diamond.  

Four variables determine the price of the diamond.  If you want to get a larger diamond for less cost then one or all of the 4 variables of diamonds, cut, color, clarity will be compromised. You can also get a smaller diamond that could cost more because the four “C’s” are not compromised. That is why the prices of diamonds vary.  Therefore, when choosing a ring you need to remember to take into consideration the color, cut, clarity and carat of the diamond as part of the cost so that you can determine what you would like and how much you want to spend.