Lab Grown Diamonds

What are lab grown diamonds?

This has been a fairly new diamond that has been presented to the marketplace. While some may think that lab-grown diamonds are another diamond alternative such as moissanite, lab-grown diamonds are actually real diamonds. They have the same chemical composition, same grading system, same hardness, and the same brilliance as a mined diamond. 

The most common process used for creating lab-grown diamonds, is to take a small “seed” diamond, placed in a microwave reactor with methane and hydrogen gases and heated to upwards of 1000 degrees celsius. Atoms begin growing on the “seed” in the exact same crystalline carbon structure of an organic diamonds. This process takes about a month to complete. The diamonds are then cut and polished to maximize brilliance, clarity and fire.

Speaking of lab grown diamonds, David Weinstein, executive director of the International Gemological Institute, told NPR: “Ten years ago, they were mostly very yellow, or very orangey-yellow.” But he says that now, “They’ve figured out how to get rid of all that color and go into the white diamond world. The quality has gotten to the point where they’re astonishingly white.”

At the new Silicon Valley-based company Ada Diamonds, a lab grown diamond company,  say that “Ada white diamonds have fewer impurities and defects than Earth-extracted stones, and are in fact 99.999% pure carbon, making them brighter, whiter, and stronger than most mined diamonds. The company can also make a rainbow of diamonds of the same quality. (Sue Callaway, Man Made Diamonds are Now Better Than Mined. Here’s Why,, September 22, 2016)

Why would I want lab-grown diamonds?

     1. Lab grown diamonds are real diamonds.

You’ve likely heard the old adage, “Whether water freezes outside or in your freezer, it’s still ice.” So it is with diamonds. Diamonds grown in a lab are 100% the same in chemical composition, grading system, hardness, and brilliance as mined diamonds.

      2. They are an environmentally and ethically-conscious choice.

While mined diamonds are a perfect example of the beauties and miracles of nature, there has also been an increasing amount of media on the negative impacts these mines are having on some of the environments and peoples involved. Lab-grown diamonds are an ethical and environmentally friendly way to add that sparkle to your rings.

      3. Lab Grown Diamonds are great on your budget.

These are a great choice for people who are on a budget. This is because lab grown diamonds cost a fraction of the price of a mined diamond and are every bit as beautiful. So you can get that perfect ring for the perfect price.

At Citrus Studio we understand the importance of the jewelry we make. These aren’t just pieces of metal and rocks; these are expressions of love, works of art, signs of compassion, family heirlooms, and dreams coming true. We believe every ring should be unique and affordable. Which is why at Citrus Studio we provide both lab grown diamonds and mined diamonds as options in our custom jewelry. For custom design quotes, we can include the cost of lab grown diamonds, as well as mined diamonds so our retail partners have more options to present to their customers.