Jewelry Inspired by Spring

Spring: the word itself evokes new beginnings and radiant beauty. For many, these types of qualities are exactly what they want their jewelry to represent. The good news? Whether you’re looking for floral ring designs or even a new spring necklace, you don’t have to look far to find high-quality jewelry inspired by spring. If you’re ready to find jewelry that effortlessly embodies springtime, here are a few great suggestions to help you find the right piece for your needs.

Products That Put the Ring in Spring

Here at Citrus Studio, we have numerous designs made to dazzle. If spring is on the mind, here are a few ring recommendations to help you find the right option for your needs.

Closeup of a diamond floral ring design
White Gold Moissanite Janey Ring - $1,100.00

Floral Inspiration: Our Lily ring offers one of the most authentic floral ring designs, with the center gem accentuated by crystal petals bursting out from the sides. Meanwhile, our Daisy and Janey rings feature leaves extending towards the center of your ring. Ready to see your love blossom? Try one of these timeless options!

A studded diamond wedding band
White Gold Diamond Jade Ring - $550.00

Studded Bands: Springtime is not just about appreciating the flowers. It’s also about appreciating life as a whole, even the vines and stems leading up to the beautiful blossoms. Looking for a band that builds upon the beauty of another ring or even stands strong on its own? Consider studded bands like Chelsea, Jade, or Victoria to help you get started!

A rose gold starburst diamond ring
Rose Gold Fresh Diamond Madeline Ring - $2055.00

Starbursts: Some flowers gently open as their time comes around again, while others burst open with color and vigor. If you’re a fan of quick and sudden spring, you’re going to love our starburst style spring jewelry. Arielle, Maddie, and Madeline are all rings that feature a dazzling center gemstone with more gems reaching out from the center of the ring, much like a star or a flower.

A twisted white gold diamond ring
White Gold Moissanite Addie Ring - $749.00

Twisted Styles: When spring comes, life bursts forth from the earth. Certain rings with floral ring designs like Addie, Adele, and Vanessa look like two snakes or vines delicately twisting their way around the center gemstone. If you’re looking for a more sophisticated ring, these options are great for you.

Customize Your New Spring Jewelry

No matter which ring you decide on, you can customize our floral ring designs by choosing the gold featured in the band itself (14-karat yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold) as well as the stones featured on your ring (moissanite, natural diamonds, and fresh lab-grown diamonds). Whatever look you want or price point you need, our customization options help you get the most out of your new spring jewelry.

Shop Necklaces, Bracelets, and Rings at Citrus Studio

Not shopping for rings or engagement rings at this time? Don’t worry! We also have jewelry like necklaces and bracelets so that you can flaunt your favorite spring gemstones in style. No matter what you’re looking to sport this spring, you’re sure to find it here at Citrus Studio.

Ready to get started, shop now to start looking for the rings that most represent springtime to you, or contact us if you have any questions or if you want to start designing your own custom ring!