How to Clean Moissanite and Diamond Jewelry

Jewelry often comprises some of our most prized and cherished possessions. Whether we wear it daily or on special occasions, keeping these items clean is crucial to making sure that they retain their quality and stay protected over time. But when it comes to cleaning certain types of jewelry, what type of precautions do you need to take so that they don’t experience any unintentional damage?

Whether you’re looking to learn more about how to clean moissanite or diamond jewelry, use the jewelry cleaning tips in the guide below to learn how to clean your pieces safely!

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How to Clean Moissanite Jewelry

The good news about moissanite is it’s a gem very close in nature to diamonds. This strength prevents it from getting scratched or chipped from everyday use. If you’re looking into how to clean moissanite, this means that you will find that you’ll treat your diamond and moissanite pieces very similarly.

The best way to get the job done is to use some warm water and some mild soap, scrubbing your stone with a soft cloth or with a soft-bristle toothbrush to ensure that you’re getting the face of the stone as well as all of the hard-to-reach places. You may also wish to soak your jewelry for a couple of minutes before starting to scrub it. (Remember, the best thing to do is to clean your jewelry regularly and to remove it from your hand when applying creams or engaging in everyday activities so that buildup doesn’t become too difficult to remove.)

If you find that this is not enough for your moissanite jewelry, you have some other alternatives. Some solutions that can help you when you’re trying to learn how to clean moissanite jewelry include:

  • Non-abrasive, non-toxic commercial jewelry cleaners
  • One-part ammonia, two-parts water solution

Ultrasonic cleaners are also recommended, but only when they’re being applied in a professional setting. However, if you do have the equipment to do this yourself, make sure that your setting is strong enough to deal with the strong vibrations. Otherwise, your stone may fall out during the process and require a new setting. It can be beneficial to have your jewelry professionally cleaned periodically throughout the year to take care of any residue you may have missed.

How to Clean Diamond Jewelry

Now you know how to clean moissanite, but what are you supposed to do for diamonds? Fortunately, the same jewelry cleaning tips offered above work for both your moissanite and diamond gems. You’ll also find that the first suggestion — using warm water and mild soap with a soft cloth — is beneficial for your gold and silver bands, as well. Put simply, cleaning your diamond and moissanite jewelry is something that you can easily do at home!

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Jewelry almost always has a sentimental meaning attached to it, especially when it comes to heirloom pieces or engagement rings. If you’re still shopping for the perfect piece, Citrus Studio can help! In addition to our beautiful and exclusive collections, we also offer services to help you design the ring of your dreams. Contact us if you have any questions about our diamond and moissanite jewelry!