Men Wearing Rings

Five Suggestions for Men in Wearing Rings

For men, rings can send messages that reveal a lot about you.  For example your commitments, achievements, and beliefs.

For men, there are wedding rings(which are usually simple,  like a band), class rings, fraternal rings, family rings, and fashion rings.  When you wear them what message do you want to send to those around you?

1- Before you put on the ring, think what you are wanting to say about yourself whether subliminal or a direct message.  

- Rings used to send the message that the individual was wealthy and powerful.  

- Then you will need to think of the placement of the ring. If you want it to stand out, wearing it on the center finger is suggested.

2- Wearing multiple rings.  How confident are you to wear more than one ring? For first-timers trying to wear multiple rings try to wear it around the house to get a feel of it and get used to the extra weight on your hand. Then you could wear it around people you know to see if they notice the extra ring. Do this before you wear it out in public.

3- Make sure your rings are proportionate to your hands.  A larger hand can wear larger rings.  Thicker digits can wear wider rings.  Therefore, smaller hands smaller rings, and thin digits more narrow rings.  Whatever the case, make sure the ring is the right size for your finger.

4- Balance your jewelry when you add rings to the ensemble. Don’t overcrowd one hand with many rings and leave the other with none. Also keep in mind the watch you may wear or bracelet, to help balance.

Balancing jewelry and accessories. Don't put too much on one side

5-This one rule is optional.  We suggest you wear all the same color of the metal.  It helps you stay coordinated.  Belt buckles, watches, watch straps, rings, etc.  To help with what color would look good on you, wear silver if you have a cool tone to your skin, and gold if you have a warm tone to your skin.