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Stunning Women’s Rings on Sale

Uncover affordable moissanite rings at special sale prices. Browse through the assortment of women’s rings on sale to find the perfect gift item, an engagement ring, or something you buy for yourself because you deserve it. Citrus Studio has something for every taste, from diamonds to rings for the day-to-day.

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Moissanite Rings

Ooh and aah over affordable moissanite rings that will steal your breath. From delicate floral designs to sunbursts to stunning solitaires, you can show off your bling with a diamond simulant that’s as gorgeous as the real deal.

Diamond Rings

Color, cut, clarity, carat weight – explore the four Cs as you admire the collection of diamond rings at Citrus Studio. Discover vintage-inspired pieces with antique, old-world charm alongside modern marvels with contemporary appeal and chic style.

Fresh Diamonds

Shop for women’s rings for sale that feature fresh diamonds. Made in a lab, fresh diamonds are exquisite. They’re also practically identical to natural diamonds. Because of how they’re made, however, they tend to be more affordable.

Everyday Rings

Looking for a flawless, fabulous ring that you can wear every day? Consider an affordable moissanite ring or a fresh diamond ring. Find something that catches your eye and splurge on a ring for yourself. What design speaks to you the most?